The Undedicated Cut Flower Garden

This workshop is aimed at those who want low maintenance cut flowers for the house and occasional gift bouquet. It’s the realist’s course: every year we seem to miss the optimal time to sow sweet peas and fail to rescue our tender dahlias before the frosts cruelly turn them to mush. And even if one year we do proudly manage all these things, we then blow it all by going away for a mere week only to return to a cut flower graveyard. Annuals or slightly fussy plants simply aren’t for us.

Rather than an entire flower farm, we merely need a number of well-chosen plants fit for purpose. So that’s what we’ll cover. You’ll learn about a whole host of beautiful yet tough plants. We’ll cover a bit about garden design too so you’ll feel confident in knowing where to plant them all and how to look after them.

You’ll go home with a list of gorgeous plants, a motivational spring in your step and a sense of ‘I’m going to have flowers forever’. 

Timing: 10 am to 12.30

Price per person: £45