Carolyn Marks

After a degree in a mathematics and a subsequent career in IT Carolyn (Callie) broke away from office life and retrained in garden design to satisfy her lifelong passion for plants and the beauty of nature.

That was 15 years ago now and since then she’s designed over 100 gardens of every conceivable size and style.

For her, it’s all about creating or renewing a client’s love of their garden. Designing spaces that work hard for every individual and their unique requirements.  Creating gardens that withstand the test of time and perfectly suit the house and surroundings. It’s about getting clients back out in their gardens.

Floral design is a natural extension of garden design and gets her close up to the flowers and plants she adores. It allows her to create instant displays and experiment with form, texture and colour. Preferring a naturalistic, slightly wild element to her arrangements, she creates vases that reflect strolls around a beautiful garden or a Sunday afternoon walk in the woods.  

But design can be a lonely business at times, so she’s been enjoying running workshops for the past 5 years to share her enthusiasm, passion, experience and knowledge with anyone who’s keen to learn. She prefer a hands-on approach so all her workshops have an element of this, whether it be the obvious creation of a floral display or making something for the romantic cottage garden.  There’s always something to take home.